Book qualified, background-checked moving labor with the click of a button

Walkboard lists the services of user-rated, professional moving helpers. Some are individual independent contractors and some are professional moving companies that specialize in loading and unloading property.

Walkboard is the only moving labor platform that requires background checks for all helpers that list services on the platform because Walkboard was started as a service to connect full-service movers with local labor when those movers have loads outside of their service areas. This means the professionals listed on Walkboard meet the vetting standards of, and are also hired by the largest and best moving companies in the country.

You simply enter your origin and destination zip codes plus the date you need help, and you get an immediate quote if labor is available where you need it. Enter the time you want your helpers to arrive and proceed to reserve your labor. You'll receive photos and names of your helpers before the job so you know who should be there. Easy as 1-2-3!


Do I get to pick who I want on the job?

Yes. After you reserve labor, you will receive an email with the photos and names of the highest rated helpers that indicate availability for the job. You should expect to receive your offered crew information approximately 36 hours before the job start time or within 12 hours if you book less than 36 hours before the start time. You are welcome to decline any members of this crew that do not meet your standards and you’ll be sent additional helper profiles until you are satisfied with your crew.

Can my helpers pack boxes, assemble/disassemble furniture or anything other than load and unload property?

Helpers listed on the platform are typically experienced in loading and unloading only, but if you supervise packing or assembly of furniture and your helpers are willing to help, these tasks are not expressly prohibited by Walkboard.

Can my helpers drive my rental/moving truck?

No. Helpers on Walkboard are listed as moving helpers only, not drivers for hire. If you booked helpers through Walkboard, it is prohibited to hire them to drive a truck or any vehicle or heavy machinery.

Is there a minimum time for booking helpers?

Yes, there is a 2 hour minimum for all moving helpers. They may finish your job in under 2 hours, but to make it worth their time and effort to get to and from the jobsite, there is a minimum of 2 hours of pay that you will be charged for.

Can I pay with cash?

To make sure you are serious about needing labor and that you have the funds to pay your helpers you must confirm your booking with a credit card. Confirmation can be done by following the steps after you have a quote. Once the job is done we will charge your card and remit payment to the helper(s).

When will I be charged for services?

Your card will be authorized but not charged until the job is completed. You can cancel for a full-refund up to 2 hours before the job start time. Cancellation within 2 hours of start time will result in the booking fee and 2 hour minimum to be charged upon cancellation.

How do I cancel moving helpers that I have booked?

You will receive a confirmation email after you book your helpers. At the bottom will be a button to cancel your helpers so keep your confirmation email handy! If you do delete or lose it, call us at 877-280-9255 to cancel your booking.

How do I tell Walkboard how many hours were worked so the helpers can be paid correctly?

The helper that is designated “Crew Leader” will ask you to sign off on the hours worked via his or her mobile phone when the job is completed. Please read the form before signing.

What if there is a dispute about hours worked or I am unhappy with the quality of the work?

Since Walkboard is simply a platform for connecting independent moving helpers and Walkboard does not employ any helpers listed on the platform, Walkboard does not have control over the helpers. Any disputes should be resolved between the customer and the helpers. Disputes about hours or quality of work are exceedingly rare but we encourage customers and helpers to be a communicative as possible so as to avoid any surprises.

We suggest you agree on a start time, agree on whether breaks are given and whether they are paid, talk about and plan all the work that will be done and how long the helpers expect it to take before starting.

If you are unhappy with the quality of work and want to submit for a refund of your booking fee, please call us at 877-280-9255.

Are helpers insured?

Some of the helpers that are part of a labor company may be insured and may have liability or workers compensation insurance. All helpers have agreed in the Walkboard terms of service to hold clients and Walkboard harmless in the event of an accident or incident. We also encourage you to discuss whether a helper has liability insurance to your satisfaction, and if not, have them sign a waiver of liability.