Celebrating Independence Day and Independence in Moving


As we prepare to celebrate the Independence of our great nation, Walkboard would like to celebrate independence in the moving industry.


In our early days, we talked to countless movers with independent crews that complained about the push by the major van lines to make their helpers employees of their agencies. This would give their agencies control over that labor and it was one of the only ways they could ensure workers were compliant with their certified labor programs that were being sold to national accounts.


But for a good moving laborer, independence is the way to go. When you’re good, having the freedom to work across van lines, or load a container for a shipper, or whatever else may come your way means you get paid what you’re worth, you get to decide where you work and you get to choose your schedule.


Independence is also best for the van lines and moving companies. Trying to control labor or putting workers in a truck to travel or limiting opportunities by forcing workers to come into the agency “just in case” merely constricts the already limited labor supply. An open, independent labor market with transparency and accountability is best for all.


So Walkboard set out to create a platform that would allow independent movers to get certified under the major van line standards. To give helpers a way to be compliant without being an employee. To get the van lines to embrace independence rather than fight it.


Prior to 2016, SIRVA gave van operators the option of hiring employees of their partner agencies (North American and Allied) or employees of a staffing company. But ahead of the 2016 busy season, they reviewed the Walkboard platform and endorsed the hiring of Walkboard approved independent labor as another option that was compliant with their certified labor program.


After working with Unigroup for nearly a year, they also approved the hiring of independent labor for Mayflower and United van operators that are background checked via third-party platforms like Walkboard.




Finally, you can run your independent labor business with a free platform to get you and your crews certified to work with the biggest van lines in the country.


Walkboard wants to thank all members and helpers within the community for being a part of the platform. There have been nearly 1,000 jobs posted on the platform by van line operators and independent moving companies this year but we’re just getting started.


Our #1 goal from the beginning has been to give the best independent labor and drivers more options and allow them to make more money and we can’t wait to roll out some additional initiatives to give you more opportunities. Stay tuned.


And have a very happy Independence Day. God Bless America. The land of opportunity.

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