Dispatchers: It’s almost summer—you’re going to need a lot of labor and we’re here to help!

For dispatchers, using the Walkboard Agent Portal to book labor can help save you time and will make sure the labor you’re booking is compliant. Use our tips below to save you time and headaches this summer!

1. Take time now to make sure your drivers are synced to your account

In order to post and book a move, your driver needs to be synced to your account so they can see the information on their smartphone. Get all your drivers signed up now before the busyness of summer hits with the following steps:

1. Go to agent.walkboard.com
2. Login
3. Go to Settings
4. Enter in driver email addresses or smartphone numbers and send invite
5. Call or let your drivers know in person that you’ve invited them and to download the Walkboard app
6. Follow up with any drivers that have an “invited” status to download the app and confirm your email

2.  Use the star rating system as you evaluate and hire labor

At the end of each move, the driver rates the helpers and the helpers rate the driver. When helpers bid on your move, click on their profile which will indicate how many moves they have done through Walkboard along with their star-rating. You will likely receive several bids right away.

If you want the highest quality helpers, you may not necessarily want to hire the first to reply. Choose someone with a favorable star rating.  If you hire someone without any completed jobs, assume they are a “greenie” or inexperienced and hire them if that fits your needs. Choose someone with a favorable star-rating when you want to confirm someone with experience.

3. Be proactive with your helpers for a good moving day experience

Helper phone numbers become available once they’ve been hired. Encourage your drivers to call the helper to connect about the job.

Make sure the details you post about the move are as accurate as possible so that your helper has the right expectations about the job and pay.

No shows are rare, but should that or any other problem occur, contact us as soon as possible and we are here to help. Walkboard has dispatchers available to support your needs from 8am-9pm Eastern M-F and we respond to emergencies on weekends. Contact us at: 877-280-9255 or info@walkboard.com

4. Use Walkboard when you get a call from an out-of-town driver needing labor

Save time from calling around by posting a move for them on Walkboard:

Step 1: Open the agent portal, login and go to settings. Ask the driver for his email or phone number, enter it in the field and hit send invite. Tell the driver to look for the email/text invite you have just sent to which allows you to book labor on his behalf through Walkboard.
Step 2: Tell him to take 3 minutes to click the link in the email/text, download the Walkboard app and register.
Step 3: Once the driver confirms by clicking the link and registering, you can post the move and either you or the driver can view and approve helper bids.

Want to see a live demo or need a refresher of the platform? Schedule a demo of the agent portal here.

You or your team members can sign up for an account by registering as an agent here.

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