Walkboard was started in 2015 by a group of moving industry veterans with over 100 years of experience. We set out to make the lives of professionals better, while improving the experience for the consumer.

Our first product was built to connect long-distance movers with labor providers all over the country where they load and unload. Our platform is now endorsed by many of the largest van lines in the industry and hundreds of movers are able to connect with thousands of labor providers through the platform.

Along the way, we got many requests from consumers wanting to hire labor providers as well. And of course, our providers want as many choices for work as possible.

So we've partnered with some of the largest property carriers in the industry to offer consumers a single platform to book transportation and hire background-checked loaders and unloaders on both ends of a long-distance move.

You pack your property and choose which additional services you want all right here. It's an affordable, flexible, transparent alternative to full-service moving when you're on a budget. Any service you reserve can be cancelled with full refund up to a week before you're scheduled to receive service.

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